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  • Lighthouse and Harmanis Set Sail with New E-Shop
    22-02-2024 | Our News

    Lighthouse and Harmanis Set Sail with New E-Shop

    A beacon of innovation shines bright as Harmanis proudly unveils its newest venture: the new E-Shop. Developed in collaboration with Lighthouse, this cutting-edge platform redefines the beauty retail experience, offering a seamless fusion of style, convenience, and functionality.

    Designed with the modern consumer in mind, the e-shop boasts a contemporary aesthetic and user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless navigation for visitors. Whether you're a beauty enthusiast browsing for makeup essentials or a salon professional seeking premium equipment, has you covered.

    One of the standout features of the e-shop is its comprehensive product range, showcasing the diverse offerings available. From makeup and hairstyling tools to professional-grade equipment and household cleaning supplies, customers can explore an extensive selection tailored to their needs.

    Moreover, the e-shop seamlessly integrates both B2C and B2B features, catering to individual shoppers and industry professionals alike. Specialized pricing options for professionals are available, allowing salon owners and beauty professionals to access exclusive discounts and streamline their purchasing process directly through the platform.

    A key focus during the development phase was the seamless integration of the e-shop with Harmanis' existing ERP system. This ensures optimal product presentation, efficient order processing, and real-time inventory management, enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

    In addition to its core features, the e-shop offers a range of supplementary services to enhance customer engagement. From discount promotions to interactive contests and dedicated call center support, the platform goes above and beyond to provide a holistic shopping experience.

    For added convenience, customers can also purchase gift vouchers directly through the e-shop, making it easier than ever to share the gift of beauty with their loved ones.

    As Lighthouse and Harmanis join forces to illuminate the path forward in online beauty retail, the launch of the new e-shop marks a significant milestone in the industry. With its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive features, the Harmanis E-Shop sets a new standard for excellence in digital commerce, inviting customers to explore, indulge, and experience the beauty of innovation firsthand.
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  • Lighthouse for Elpedison: Shining a Digital Light on Energy
    15-12-2023 | Our News

    Lighthouse for Elpedison: Shining a Digital Light on Energy

    You know it's a bright day in the world of digital energy when innovation meets ease, and that's precisely what Lighthouse has unveiled in its latest collaboration with Elpedison. Picture this: a revamped digital presence for one of Greece's leading energy providers. Enter the new, groundbreaking Elpedison Portal!

    What's the buzz about? Well, Lighthouse has turbocharged Elpedison's digital game, crafting a sleek, modern, and innovative portal that's not just a pretty face. It's a goldmine of well-organized information, boasting navigation so smooth, you'll glide through it like a seasoned sailor on calm waters.

    Lighthouse have truly committed themselves and provided a comprehensive solution. They deep dived into our discussions, addressing our needs and delivered a tangible and effective solution! Through their dedication and expertise Lighthouse has provided exceptional results!

     Stathis Vovos, Commercial Director , ELPEDISON S.A.

    This isn't your run-of-the-mill portal. Nope. It's tailor-made for Elpedison, focusing on the retail market and loaded with Lighthouse's trademark innovations, setting Elpedison leagues apart from its competition.

    What's under the hood, you ask? Hold onto your seats because this portal packs a punch! With features like the Energy Plan Wizard, E-contracts, Online Payments, and an array of other interactive tools, it's not just about enhancing customer experiences; it's about revolutionizing how Elpedison communicates and generates leads.

    But hey, it's not all about tech wizardry. This digital facelift reflects Elpedison's commitment to being more than just an energy provider. It's a nod to their customer-centric ethos, their social responsibility endeavors, and their unwavering support, all aligned with their motto, "ELPEDISON | Right by your side with all our energy."

    As Anna Vrettou, Communications Manager at Elpedison S.A., puts it: "The creation of the new Elpedison Portal by Lighthouse sparked the beginning of an exceptional collaboration."

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  • Revamped Ravenna e-shop Achieves Impressive 50% Conversion Rate Boost with Vendallion®
    02-06-2023 | Our News

    Revamped Ravenna e-shop Achieves Impressive 50% Conversion Rate Boost with Vendallion®

    In a powerful collaboration that combines innovation and style, Lighthouse and Ravenna have joined forces to unveil a revamped e-shop that is taking the online shopping experience to new heights. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Ravenna has spared no effort in ensuring its customers enjoy an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, and functional online platform. Thanks to Lighthouse's expertise and the utilization of the award-winning Vendallion® platform, the results speak for themselves, with a staggering 50% increase in the conversion rate achieved within just the first month.

    Enhanced Shopping Experience:

    The new e-shop embraces a modern design that seamlessly merges high aesthetics with advanced functionality. Navigating through the platform is a breeze, providing customers with an effortless and enjoyable shopping journey. Whether you're in search of sanitary ware, tiles, furniture, lighting, or white goods, Ravenna's expanded product range offers an extensive selection at the most competitive prices on the market.


    Thodoris Antonopoulos, the General Manager of Ravenna, couldn't hide his excitement as he shared his thoughts on Lighthouse's achievement.

    "I am impressed by the results of our collaboration with Lighthouse. We managed to increase the conversion rate +50%, in the very first month of operation of the new e-shop!" Antonopoulos exclaimed. Such a significant boost in conversion is a testament to the exceptional services and products that we put into work, for the e-shop.

    Beyond Numbers, we are all about Cultivating Relationships:

    Andreas-Platon Vrettos, the president and CEO of Ravenna, highlights that success in business is not solely defined by numbers. "Beyond the numbers, which also have their importance in business, the people, their ability to find reliable partners, and the cultivation of relationships of trust is what makes the difference in a business and leads it to success," Vrettos asserts.

    Ravenna's enhanced e-shop, brought to life by Lighthouse's expertise and integration of Vendallion®, has revolutionized the online shopping experience for Ravenna’s customers. The remarkable 50% increase in the conversion rate in just one month is a testament to the collaboration's triumph.

    As Ravenna continues to expand its product range and deliver top-quality items, this partnership showcases the impact of seamless design, user-friendly interfaces, and reliable relationships in creating exceptional business success stories. With the new e-shop, Ravenna is set to cement its position as a go-to destination for those seeking exquisite and affordable home essentials.

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  • E-Commerce Fusion: MG Manager and Lighthouse Unveil Tech-Tastic Online Shopping Adventure
    02-04-2023 | Our News

    E-Commerce Fusion: MG Manager and Lighthouse Unveil Tech-Tastic Online Shopping Adventure

    Lighthouse continues to push boundaries with its latest venture, joining forces with MG Manager to launch an innovative new e-shop. This collaboration marks a complete redesign of MG Manager's online store, featuring a modernized look and feel and enhanced functionalities. Powered by the award-winning Vendallion E-Commerce platform, crowned Best E-Commerce platform for 2022 at Evolution Awards, the revamped e-shop showcases a fresh corporate image that pays homage to the company's rich history.

    Aesthetic Excellence and User-Centric Design

    At the heart of the new online store lies a captivating full-width design that embraces the latest trends in modern web design. Showcasing an array of rich visual content, the e-shop immerses visitors in a visually stunning experience. Lighthouse has placed special emphasis on optimizing the website's technical features and enhancing the overall customer experience. From meticulously presenting products to implementing an intuitive navigation structure and a cutting-edge search engine, every aspect has been carefully crafted to elevate the conversion rate and delight shoppers.

    Seamless Integration and Enhanced Functionality

    Achieving seamless synchronization with MG Manager's merchandising system (ERP) has been a top priority, as well as a great challenge. This integration empowers the e-shop to support various commercial policies, including discounts, mix & match options, targeted promos, accompanying products, and warranty choices. MG Manager, a prominent technology product distribution network, offers a vast array of immediately available products to both B2C and B2B customers.

    Forging New Pathways in E-Commerce

    The collaboration between MG Manager and Lighthouse signifies a milestone in the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce. By harnessing the power of Vendallion platform, MG Manager's online store has undergone a remarkable transformation. This partnership not only amplifies the company's digital presence but also propels them towards new heights of success. With a diverse range of technologically advanced products and a revamped online shopping experience, MG Manager is poised to cater to the needs of both retail and business customers.

    The MG Manager and Lighthouse collaboration has birthed an impressive e-shop that merges aesthetic excellence with enhanced functionality. Backed by the renowned Vendallion platform, this partnership symbolizes the continuous pursuit of innovation in the realm of e-commerce. As MG Manager continues to serve as a leading force in technology product distribution, their newly unveiled online store exemplifies their commitment to delivering an unparalleled customer experience. With a vast array of readily available products and a seamless shopping journey, MG Manager is primed to revolutionize the digital marketplace.

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  • Stergiou Family Joins Forces with Lighthouse
    01-02-2023 | Our News

    Stergiou Family Joins Forces with Lighthouse

    Lighthouse has added another feather to its cap with the inclusion of Stergiou Family in its esteemed portfolio. Aiming to adapt to evolving consumer needs and propel their digital transformation, Stergiou Family has partnered with Lighthouse to develop a state-of-the-art Retail and B2B E-Commerce platform. This innovative portal not only strengthens the family's digital footprint but also creates exciting new growth opportunities.

    Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience

    Driven by their commitment to excellence, the Stergiou Family has entrusted Lighthouse with the development of a modern and dynamic portal that reflects their new corporate identity. Built on the award-winning Vendallion platform, renowned for clinching the prestigious Gold Award 2022 for Best E-Commerce Platform, the portal that will be launched guarantees a seamless user experience.

    Market Leading Presence

    Stergiou Family has made a significant impact in the food sector, specializing in the production and distribution of baked products and sugar. With a strong foothold in both organized retail and small-scale retail, they have recently made an impressive foray into the HORECA market. For two decades, Stergiou Family has prioritized the quality and freshness of their offerings, supported by a well-organized sales network.

    Embracing Digital Innovation

    By partnering with Lighthouse, Stergiou Family is taking a bold step towards embracing digital innovation. The Retail and B2B E-Commerce portal will not only streamline their operations but also enhance their customer engagement strategies. This collaboration highlights the family's commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and catering to the evolving demands of their valued consumers.

    Lighthouse's expertise, coupled with the Stergiou Family's dedication to digital transformation, sets the stage for an exciting journey towards enhanced retail and B2B E-Commerce.

    By incorporating the cutting-edge Vendallion platform and their own new corporate identity, Stergiou Family is well-positioned to deliver an unparalleled experience for the visitor. With their unwavering commitment to quality, freshness, and customer satisfaction, the family is poised to continue its successful trajectory in the food industry while leveraging the power of digital technologies.

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